Secure Your Information

Identity theft and unauthorized use of business and personal financial information is one of the key causes of loss to businesses and consumers. FRANCIS FINANCIAL is dedicated to the protection of your loan application and all potential and possible unintended use. All lenders should have a comprehensive information security plan (LISP). And those security procedures should be in compliance with Federal Statute Gramm/Leach/Bliley Senate Bill - SB 1386 - passed September 2002, and California Civil Code 1798.82, enacted in 2002. FRANCIS FINANCIAL security protocol includes the following mechanisms and methods of client file security:

?/td> All client files are stored on site under 24/7 alarm lock and security methods.

?/td> Mortgage broker offices are under 24 hour video surveillance.

?/td> Mortgage broker facilities are guarded by 24 hour alarm system and entry is by owner pass code.

?/td> Client files are provided to authorized recipients on a 'need-to-know' basis.

?/td> All client files remain the property of FRANCIS FINANCIAL.

?/td> All client files are returned to FRANCIS FINANCIAL when not needed.

?/td> All client files are stored for a period of three years and then shredded by a licensed and bonded shredding firm ... AMERICAN SHRED.

?/td> All client files processed off site are under 24/7 alarm security.

?/td> Client files copied are with a licensed and bonded copying company... KINKO'S(used by the top legal firms in San Diego).

?/td> All client files are picked up and delivered by a licensed and bonded courier service ... ACTION COURIER.

?/td> All extra copies of client files and any and all forms of correspondence not shredded off site, are shredded on site.

?/td> No client information is distributed at any time to anyone without personal knowledge of the owner of FRANCIS FINANCIAL.

?/td> No client files are distributed by any electronic means including FAX, web-based or internet-based systems.

?/td> Client files are treated with the same confidentiality as those personal and company financial details of FRANCIS FINANCIAL and its owner.

?/td> FRANCIS FINANCIAL is covered by $2,000,000 of Errors and Omission Insurance.

?/td> All client files are subject to compliance with the California Department of Real Estate.

?/td> All client files on site are unde All clients files on site are under lock and key. NO UNAUTHORIZED PEOPLE OR PERSONNEL ARE PERMITTED IN THE OFFICES OF FRANCIS FINANCIAL.

?/td> No one is allowed to inspect the client files without notice or reason.

?/td> All information distributed by FRANCIS FINANCIAL is tracked to prevent client file loss or leakage. FRANCIS FINANCIAL maintains the HIGHEST DEGREE of client safety and protection of confidential and sensitive information. All agents of FRANCIS FINANCIAL are aware and in compliance with these security procedures.

Copyright 2004 Francis Financial: All Rights Reserved

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